Visual Poetry

In these hybrid pieces I combine my two loves, poetry and art. The idea is built on the poetry of “erasure,” eliminating words from a piece of prose to expose the poem within.

I’m heavily influenced by medieval manuscripts, with their gold leaf and multicolored embellishments. The pages are from old out-of-copyright novels, but because such books are printed on acid-laden paper, they are already yellowing and brittle. Even displayed behind UV glass, they would probably crumble after some years. To prevent that, I do not work on the pages themselves, but make a high quality scan of each page, which I print on drawing paper. I then work on these scans with a variety of media, including inks, colored pencils, watercolors, metallic paint, collage and indelible markers.

All images are approximately 8 inches by 5 inches and sell for $150 unframed, shipping included.



      © 2015 Ruth Bavetta